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To lose weight you need to control your mind as well as your eating habits. Begin by writing down your goals, perhaps taking a photograph of yourself before starting your weight loss program and certainly stepping on the scales and recording your weight.

Once you start on a less food, more exercise regime, it is then entirely up to you to keep at it and stay positive towards your goals. Remember the steps to achieve the weight loss you desire. Write down your ideal weight, record your start weight, make lifestyle adjustments to eat less and exercise more. Each stage is a positive step on the road to a new you.

Lose the flabby tummy.Losing weight is very hard for most of us yet we see all the time other people who have done it and how good they now look and feel.

Most diets don't work and at best cost you money for fad foods, diet programs or expensive diet drinks. It has been proven that most people put all their weight back on after stopping a diet.

But there is good news! You too can be one that takes the road to that fitter and lighter person you want to become by choosing to change a few simple things in your life.

Here is the simple formula for how to lose weight the easy way:

Less food + more exercise = weight loss

Yes, there it is, Weight loss made simple that most of us miss it. You can decide to follow that formula and become a slimmer and fitter person, which in turn leads you down a path to a more confident, happier, healthier person than what you are now. It's in your hands, you can lose weight by applying that simple formula. Eat less, weigh less.

Unfortunately, most of us don't follow the right path because of one word, procrastination. We say we will do this or that and never get around to it. We start walking each morning but then it rains, so we don't go that day and the next and then not at all. We start a diet to change our eating habits and find it too tempting to eat that piece of cake, you know the story!

But the good news is you can still do it no matter how many times you have tried and failed before, you can lose weight and feel so much better in the process.

Take a look at the blogs in the right hand navigation column of this page and read how these people are attempting to lose weight. Each are tackling the challenge in their own way and you can help them by giving them some positive comments about their progress.

Come back often and see how they are progressing, how they are turning their lives into healthier, happier people, with positive thinking and regular exercise.

Remember how to lose weight the easy way. Less food + more exercise = weight loss

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