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August 11, 2007

Weight loss goal

Weight loss goal and life style changes

Todays the day I've decided to make a life style change. Notice I didn't say diet? I can't say I believe in diets as such. To me a diet means a drastic eating pattern that changes once you've reached your weight loss goal. Alternatively, I'm setting myself an assignment to find a healthy eating and exercise balance that will allow me to reach and stay at my weight loss goal of 75 kilo's for the duration of my life. Even though my current weight is 109 kilo's, I know this is achievable as I've done it once before. The difference being, this time I'll make it a lasting life style change.

Listed below is my first checklist of changes I need to make to ensure I reach my weight loss goal. I say 'first' because this will most likely change over time the more I learn about healthy lifestyle changes.

1. Eat more vegetables, salad, fruit, yogurt, fish, chicken.

2. Eat less takeaway such as fried chips or Red Rooster. Not being much of a cook, I do eat takeaway often.

3. Exercise more. At least 40 minutes per day. Although I do play golf, it's not nearly as often as I should. I also have the advantage of owning exercise equipment which at the moment is collecting dust. However, this is about to change.

4. For encouragement, read stories from other women who have also battled a weight problem. I particularly find the television show Biggest Looser great inspiration and the next Australian series isn't too far away from starting.

5. Keeping a blog of how I'm going will help me to keep focus and reset my goals when required.

September 3, 2007

Tips for loosing kilos steamer diet drinks food servings

A few kilos closer towards my weight loss goal

Over the last 2-3 weeks I've lost a total of 3.7 kilo's, making my current weight 105.3 kilo's.

Positive changes I've made include the following tips for loosing kilo's:

1. I purchased a food steamer and now steam family roasts such as the sunday chicken, instead of baking it. The steamer catches the fat in a tray underneath and I was amazed by the amount that is caught. And to think I used to bake chicken in all that unwanted fat. The family doesn't seem to mind the taste of a steamed meal either which is a big plus.

2. I don't have coffee throughout the day anymore. I've replaced coffee with diet softdrink, purely for calorie reasons. A can of diet softdrink is usually only one calorie. Drinking vanilla diet coke also has the added advantage of making me feel as though I've had something sweet, which of course isn't the case at all.

3. I went out for fish and chips at the Mackay Marina during the week. Sounds strange doesn't it. But remember, this isn't a diet as such, it's a life style change. And part of my life style change is to reward myself every now and then for eating well throughout the week. The fish and chips I had was also dished up in a box made for one. This was a much better serving than purchasing them from a fish and chip store from around the corner. With my old life style we'd get them served wrapped in the good old fish and chip paper, where everyone digs in. The problem with this is you normally end up eating more than you should. Leaving the table totally bloated.

As you can see, so far these simple 3 tips for loosing kilos are working like a gem.

October 10, 2007

difference loosing 14 kilos / 30.80 pounds makes to life

Nearly time to buy new clothes and refresh my wardrobe

When I first purchased the pants shown in the photographs below, I was 117 kilo's (257.40 pounds). Since then I've lost 14 kilo's or 30.80 pounds. I'm now starting to notice the weight loss in a lot of different ways. For example, my clothes are now a lot bigger.

I find when playing golf (a favorite personal sport), I can now pick the ball up out of the hole a lot easier. I also don't tend to be physically tired by the 12th these days. When I go for a daily walk out at the local marina, I can now easily do the full hour and not cough from asthma afterwards. I enjoy photography as a hobby and can now take some fantastic close up shots of flowers, bugs and mushrooms by easily getting on ground level or laying on my stomach. 6 months ago at 117 kilo's, this would have been hard work and most of my images were taken from a standing view point.

Yes, life seems a whole lot easier without the extra 14 kilo's to lugg around. Anyway, I must go and buy some new pants :)

October 15, 2007

Start eating breakfast to lose weight

Much to my delight, I jumped on the scales yesterday and found I'd lost another kilo without the usual 2 week plateau. I havn't upped the exercise at all. I still play golf a couple of times per week and walk every other morning for an hour at a time. However, I did start eating a small single serving of yoghurt with some bran thrown in, for breakfast each morning. I've never been a breakfast eater, instead having my first meal of the day at lunch time.

Last week I read an article that said eating breakfast will kick start your metabolism for the day. Otherwise, your body will go into starvation mode and you'll find it harder to burn off calories you've eaten for the day. So far, this seems to be true. I'm now down to 102 kilograms or 224.40 pounds. One step closer to my overall weight loss goal.

November 9, 2007

Reached first goal under 100kg or 220 pounds

Today is a good day. I jumped on the scales and found I'd reached my first goal of being under 100kg or in other words 220 pounds. I am now 99kg / 217.80 and it's time to reset my goals. My goal is now to get under the 90kg mark.

I'm finding the more weight I lose, the easier it is to stick to a healthy eating plan. When I first started, I said that I'd buy a custard tart to award myself for reaching the 100kg goal. Now I'm there, I find I dont' feel like that tart after all. Instead, I now naturally like eating healthy, well proportioned meals and I'm determined never to go into the 3 figure weight ever again.

December 10, 2007

From a size 22 clothing to 16

From a size 22 clothing to 16, and 3 1/2 kilo's closer to my next weight loss goal

Today I weighed myself and found I'd lost 3 and a half kilo's this month. I'm now down to 95.5 kilos / 210.10 pounds. The best thing so far about loosing weight, is that I've gone from size 22 clothing size (18 USA), down to a size 16 (12 USA). I can now go into any clothing store and find something that fits.

When I was larger, the most frustrating thing for me personally was being limited in clothing choices. Now I'm looking forward to visiting Sydney in the new year and coming back with a whole new wardrobe.

My aim for the next month is to up the anti as far as exercise goes. Now it's getting a little warmer here in Australia, I'm not playing golf 3 times per week like we used to. Instead, I'm planning on walking every morning or evening for an hour, when the weather is slightly cooler. This was a goal when I first started on my healthy lifestyle change. However, it wasn't something I've stuck to consistantly.

Apart from walking, I'm also going to set myself a routine on the exercise equipment we have in our home gym. Now I've lost weight, it's not quite as painful to exercise these days. It's actually quite enjoying :)

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