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Short term weight loss goal

A new short term weight loss goal

It's time to set a new short term weight loss goal to help me get under the 90 kilo barrier. My current weight is 91.9 kilo's, so things are starting to slow down, which I've found frustrating the last couple of months. Although as frustrating as it is that I've not yet got under the 90 kilo mark, I still kept up with my healthier lifestyle. My thinking has been that even at 91.9 I feel a lot healthier and stronger than I did at 117 kilo's, so why go back to bad habits now.

What I'm changing to reach under that 90 kilo mark

1. I'm now walking twice a day, morning and night (2 hours total)

2. Eating breakfast is more important than I realised. I'm going to ensure I eat breakfast every day so my body doesn't go into starvation mode. I recently read that it helps get the metabolism going if you eat within an hour after exercise.

3. I'm also going to stop putting extra salt on my meals. Watching the Australian biggest loser, this is one area the trainers talk about often.

Hope fully with these small changes I'll see myself on the right track again towards a healthier and stronger person.

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