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Loosing weight slowly plateau

Weight loss update

In the last 4 weeks I've went from weighing 105.3 kilo's to 103 kilo's. That's a loss of 2.3 kilo's which is roughly half a kilo per week. I'm finding even though it may seem like a slow way to loose weight, it is a realistic pace for me personally and one I know I can stick to for life. For instance, I still enjoy one night out per week to my favorite local harbour side restaurant here in Mackay, Australia. Plus, one Sunday lazy lunch per week of fish and chips at the Marina in Mackay. The point being, the other 95% of the time I eat healthily and to controlled calorie servings.

Weight loss plateau

Similar to many women, I find I have a weight loss plateau 2 weeks leading up to menstruation. This is something I've simply gotten used to and I dont' let it effect my overall eating plan. I always find at the other end of the scale, I tend to loose 2-3 kilo's the first couple of weeks afterwards. Therefore, it does balance out for the month as a whole. The main thing, is to know your own body and not to give up when you're on a plateau.

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