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difference loosing 14 kilos / 30.80 pounds makes to life

Nearly time to buy new clothes and refresh my wardrobe

When I first purchased the pants shown in the photographs below, I was 117 kilo's (257.40 pounds). Since then I've lost 14 kilo's or 30.80 pounds. I'm now starting to notice the weight loss in a lot of different ways. For example, my clothes are now a lot bigger.

I find when playing golf (a favorite personal sport), I can now pick the ball up out of the hole a lot easier. I also don't tend to be physically tired by the 12th these days. When I go for a daily walk out at the local marina, I can now easily do the full hour and not cough from asthma afterwards. I enjoy photography as a hobby and can now take some fantastic close up shots of flowers, bugs and mushrooms by easily getting on ground level or laying on my stomach. 6 months ago at 117 kilo's, this would have been hard work and most of my images were taken from a standing view point.

Yes, life seems a whole lot easier without the extra 14 kilo's to lugg around. Anyway, I must go and buy some new pants :)

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