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A few kilos closer towards my weight loss goal

Over the last 2-3 weeks I've lost a total of 3.7 kilo's, making my current weight 105.3 kilo's.

Positive changes I've made include the following tips for loosing kilo's:

1. I purchased a food steamer and now steam family roasts such as the sunday chicken, instead of baking it. The steamer catches the fat in a tray underneath and I was amazed by the amount that is caught. And to think I used to bake chicken in all that unwanted fat. The family doesn't seem to mind the taste of a steamed meal either which is a big plus.

2. I don't have coffee throughout the day anymore. I've replaced coffee with diet softdrink, purely for calorie reasons. A can of diet softdrink is usually only one calorie. Drinking vanilla diet coke also has the added advantage of making me feel as though I've had something sweet, which of course isn't the case at all.

3. I went out for fish and chips at the Mackay Marina during the week. Sounds strange doesn't it. But remember, this isn't a diet as such, it's a life style change. And part of my life style change is to reward myself every now and then for eating well throughout the week. The fish and chips I had was also dished up in a box made for one. This was a much better serving than purchasing them from a fish and chip store from around the corner. With my old life style we'd get them served wrapped in the good old fish and chip paper, where everyone digs in. The problem with this is you normally end up eating more than you should. Leaving the table totally bloated.

As you can see, so far these simple 3 tips for loosing kilos are working like a gem.


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