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August 11, 2007

Weight loss goal

Weight loss goal and life style changes

Todays the day I've decided to make a life style change. Notice I didn't say diet? I can't say I believe in diets as such. To me a diet means a drastic eating pattern that changes once you've reached your weight loss goal. Alternatively, I'm setting myself an assignment to find a healthy eating and exercise balance that will allow me to reach and stay at my weight loss goal of 75 kilo's for the duration of my life. Even though my current weight is 109 kilo's, I know this is achievable as I've done it once before. The difference being, this time I'll make it a lasting life style change.

Listed below is my first checklist of changes I need to make to ensure I reach my weight loss goal. I say 'first' because this will most likely change over time the more I learn about healthy lifestyle changes.

1. Eat more vegetables, salad, fruit, yogurt, fish, chicken.

2. Eat less takeaway such as fried chips or Red Rooster. Not being much of a cook, I do eat takeaway often.

3. Exercise more. At least 40 minutes per day. Although I do play golf, it's not nearly as often as I should. I also have the advantage of owning exercise equipment which at the moment is collecting dust. However, this is about to change.

4. For encouragement, read stories from other women who have also battled a weight problem. I particularly find the television show Biggest Looser great inspiration and the next Australian series isn't too far away from starting.

5. Keeping a blog of how I'm going will help me to keep focus and reset my goals when required.

August 19, 2007

Size of food serving portion

Changing the size of food servings you dish up

One of the main changes I've made this week is to take more notice of serving sizes. The easiest way to do this is to look on the side of the packet to see how many servings is recommended per meal. For example normally I'd cook a whole packet of pasta and we'd share it between three people. After looking at the correct portions I now realise a packet is meant for four servings. Therefore I don't now cook the whole packet and everyone doesn't leave the table feeling like they are about to burst.

This last week I also had one splurge (if you can call it that) on a Red Rooster chicken wrap. Normally I'd have had a wrap, large chips and coke. This time sticking to my healthy eating plan I opted only for the wrap. This way I didn't feel like I was missing out while at the same time I stuck to my overall healthy eating plan.

When loosing weight I've found it's also important not to feel like I'm depriving myself of what I enjoy. In this case, I do enjoy eating out on the odd occasion. Otherwise I know I won't be able to stick to it for long.

I'm hoping small changes here and there will add up to a healthier slimmer me :)

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