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Making small but positive changes to your lifestyle and eating patterns can have a profound effect on all facets of your health. With moderate excersise and healty food intake you can extend your life expectancy greatly.

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Lose Weight
Learn strategies to lose that weight and keep it off the Positive Health Steps way

Heart Health
A healthy heart means a longer life, and who doesn't want to live as long as possible.

Positive Thinking
Positive thinking can change your whole being. Your mind set can control the way you approach lifes battles and turn all those tussles into victories.

Moderate exercise can increase your metobolic rate which has huge benefits to overall health

Natural Remedies
Home treatments for many illnesses and injuries. Homemade natural products for healthy and beauty.

What is cholesterol, why is it important and how do you control it?

Quit Smoking
We know it's not easy but you can do it. Learn how a heavy smoker made it easier to quit.

Diet Control
It is possible to eat healthier without giving up those favorite foods.

User Blogs
Read how others are tackling their health problems and give them some encouragement to keep at it.

Delicious recipres that are low in calories yet high in nutritional value. Eat these foods and lose that weight fast.

Pounds to Kilos Converter
Yes it's an online generator.

Calorie Calculator
Another online generator that is so handy you must bookmark the page.

Calories Activity Chart
This chart show you how long you must exercise to burn off unwanted calories.

Daily Calories Required
How many calories is it okay to consume each each day without putting on weight.

Calories to Kilojules Converter
Another handy online calculator that will make every diet that little bit easier.

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