Tuna Pasta Salad Recipe
Delicious tuna & pasta salad. Low in calories. High in Omega 3 oils

Tuna Pasta Salad  
Here's something that tastes good, is good for you and is really easy to make. In about 15 minutes you can whip up this delicious meal that will satisfy the biggest eater, yet contains less than a third of total daily calories. Try our delicious Tuna & Pasta salad and customize the recipe to suit your own taste.

We will add many more delicious recipes that you can use to lose weight without feeling as if you are on a diet. Your family will love the food and won't even know that it's good for them.


Tuna & Pasta Salad Recipe

Plate of tuna and pasta salad. Here's a great recipe that my partner claims she invented. The tuna and pasta salad tastes great and is really good for those wanting to lose weight and put some Omega 3 oils into their diet.

What I like about the Tuna & Pasta Salad is that you can substitute ingredients without spoiling the overall aim of the recipe. For example you could change the Italian salad dressing for olive oil or any other low fat dressing of your choice. Perhaps French dressing would be nice. Or you could substitute the corn for peas and beans.

This would also taste great with salmon instead of tuna. You would still have the low calorie count and add those essential oils.

What ever variation you choose, the overall aim is to keep the calories per serve low and add those omega 3 oils into your healthy eating program.


  • 400g can tuna in brine
  • 440g pack of vegetable pasta
  • Half red capsicum sliced
  • Half green capsicum sliced
  • Tin of corn kernels
  • 30 stuffed olives halved
  • 1 Onion finely sliced
  • Tin of button mushrooms
  • Low fat Italian Dressing


  • Cook pasta for about 10 minutes or to personal softness.
  • Mix all ingredients in a bowl.
  • Chill and enjoy.

Tuna Pasta Salad recipe serves 5 and is around 450 calories per serve.

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