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When things seem bad, a positive thinker can turn it around to their advantage, just by the way they look at what others regard as misfortune. Nothing is as bad as you think, there is always a sliver lining at the edge of every cloud.

We all will handle grief in our own way, but must recognize that we are not the first to face challenges. Coping with grief or loss of a loved one can be extremely hard, but life must go on and will do so whatever happens. When something in your life changes, look for the silver lining, it is always there.


Personal Grief and Loss

How would you react if the doctor told you, you have incurable cancer or some other life taking disease. Perhaps you have been fired from your job or your house was destroyed in a hurricane. Would you go to water and give in or would you decide to fight with all your might, to turn your misfortune into a positive?

Nobody on this earth would blame you if you became depressed and didn't want to carry on, but sometimes the mind can work powerful miracles. Even in the worst times there is hope and you should never give in to the dark storms that are approaching.

We hear of people all the time who overcome great adversity and carry on to inspire others. People who beat cancer, others who face the greatest financial challenges and those who are given a short time to live, yet continue to lead fruitful lives.

One of the greatest stories that I can remember is the story of a dying eye surgeon, Dr. Fred Hollows. Even though he was dying from incurable cancer, he carried on going into poorer parts of Africa and into Australian Aboriginal communities, freely giving his time to restore eyesight to underprivileged people

Dr. Fred could have given in and stayed home with his family, to spend what little time on this earth he had with those he loved. Yet he did spend time with those he loved, because he loved all people so much, he was unselfish and gave of himself until he could give no more.

If you are having a hard time at the moment, think of someone who has overcome much harder tribulations than you.

During winter there are always bad storms, yet the days before and after are usually pleasant and calm. So is our lives. They are full of days that are happy and bright, so we also must expect the storms to come and go.

When our storms come, be it health or any hard time, we may not have the skills that Fred Hollows could give the world, but we can help those we love, our family and friends. Face those storms with strength. Stand up and look adversity in the eye, no matter what the extent of your pain. Help those around you to cope with problems and you will leave a mark on this world also.

How many people do you know that was like Fred Hollows. When things get tough, think of their struggles and how they faced life. Then get on with your life as if nothing could break you.

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