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We can't seem to avoid the nasty bugs that bite if we are outdoor type people. Sure there are products on the market that profess to repel mosquitoes, sandflies and other insects that like to suck your blood but sometimes you don't remember to apply the lotions or they simply don't work all the times.

Here's a few natural remedies for mosquito bites to stop itching once you have been bitten, they are all inexpensive and usually found in your cupboard, so you don't need to go and buy separate items.

Home remedy for mosquito bites

  • Fresh Garlic ClovesGarlic
    One of the quickest and easiest remedies for those terrible mossie bites is a simple clove of garlic. Cut a clove in half and rub it directly onto the bite. This will relieve the itching almost immediately and is safe to use on children and adults.

  • Home Made Calamine Lotion
    Mix baking soda with water to make a smooth paste. Rub the paste over the mosquito bites. This will stop the itch and works just like calamine lotion. Of course if you have calamine lotion in your medicine chest use that as it really works well on mossie bites.

  • Salt
    A little salty water is good. Make it up with a small amount of water to a teaspoon of salt. Dab it on the bite but do not dry with a towel. The water will dry but the salt residue will remain to stop the itching. A swim in the sea will give the same result if you are near a beach.

  • Aloe Vera plant Aloe Vera
    You may not have Aloe Vera plant growing in your cupboard, but you could get one in a pot on your window shelf or grow them in the garden. Aloe vera is a fabulous, versatile, natural remedy for all bites, sunburn and scratches. Simply break a little piece from the plant and rub it on the bite or infected area.

  • Other natural remedies that you can apply to bites are lemon juice, lime juice or other citrus juices that taste bitter. The inside of banana peel. Cider vinegar or white vinegar.

It is always best to put something on mosquito bites and sandfly bites for children. Children don't know the meaning behind telling them not to scratch the bites and there is always a danger of the bite becoming infected because of scratching.

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