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Heartburn can be rather painful and unpleasant, especially after a nice meal, ruining the experience and spoiling what may have been an otherwise enjoyable day. Usually there are reasons why you have heartburn and if the burning feeling continues for any length of time it may be prudent to see your family doctor.

Below we look at the more likely causes of Heartburn and things that you can do yourself to relive the burning sensations that are felt just under the rib cage.

What Causes Heartburn

Heartburn is like eating fire. Heartburn is that uneasy feeling or burning sensation many people experience just below the rib cage after a meal. At times the burning is just an annoyance and at other times is so severe there is associated pain.

The cause of Heartburn is most cases is that the lower esophagus, that muscle that allows food to pass into the stomach, doesn't do it's job correctly by shutting quickly and allows some acid to escape, which gives that burning sensation.

Usually Heartburn is associated with pregnant women, people over 40 years or those who are overweight. The muscle weakens once you are over 40 and when pregnant, so there is little you can do in these circumstances, but for other times such as eating the wrong foods, eating too much and being overweight, these things are controllable.

Natural Treatment of Heartburn

Help the lower esophagus do it's job by following the important health steps below. In a lot of cases, doing just one or more of these steps will completely cure heartburn attacks and you will never be worried by acid reflux again.

  • Eat less - Eating less food will allow the stomach to accept the amount you have put down the throat and allow the lower esophagus to shut off. It is better to eat 5 or 6 small meals each day than one or two very large meals. Never overfill the stomach. Avoid the temptation of filling your plate for second helpings.

  • Eliminate spicy foods - Curries, spices, chilli and onions all are acid creating foods so cut back or eliminate them completely from your diet.

  • Lose weight - Being overweight usually means you eat too much anyway, so cut back on your food intake, get some exercise and your whole body will feel better.

  • Give up smoking - Smoking weakens the lower esophagus and creates more health problems than you can ever imagine.

Most home remedies for Heartburn are temporary cures only and will ease the burning sensations.

Stomach image. Over The Counter Antacids
Mild cases of heartburn can be treated with an antacid tablet or acid reflux mixtures such as Mylanta, which you can buy from supermarkets and over the counter at pharmacies and drug stores.

Some people report that eating an apple neutralizes the acid and cures the heartburn attack. Likewise raw potato and raw carrots may help in a similar way.

Drinking a half glass of milk will help cool the acid attack almost instantly.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Some swear by Apple Cider Vinegar where others say that it does more harm than good. Try a teaspoon in a glass of water, you may be one of those people that get the benefit.

Slippery Elm
Not very tasty but is claimed as the best natural remedy for heartburn by many acid reflux and gerd sufferers. You can buy Slippery Elm from most good natural stores. Make a tea from the powder each night before bedtime and you will have no more attacks.

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