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Healthy shakes & smoothies can be a great substitute for breakfast or lunch. Our healthy shakes recipes have been produced with the main consideration of maximum taste with minimum calories. Being healthy is so important in today's world and a regular healthy fruit shake to start your day will have benefits for years to come.

Healthy shakes are easy to make. With a blender and some adventurous choice, your taste buds will be satisfied and your inner health will glow. Healthy fruit shakes & smoothies... much more than just a choice!

Healthy Homemade Fruit Shakes & Smoothies Recipes

Image of various fruits.It could be argued that any shake with milk as an ingredient is not healthy, yet if calcium is something that all bodies, and especially women, need, then milk should never be regarded as being unhealthy. Therefore a homemade shake with milk and natural fruits can be a great addition to your diet.

If weight loss is a problem, substitute full cream milk with low fat varieties or use skim milk instead. Your healthy shake smoothie will still taste delicious and fill your body with healthy vitamins, minerals, calcium and fibre.

Healthy shakes can also be made with yoghurt, skim milk or soy milk, therefore decreasing the amount of dairy fat. One must realize that all types of milk contains a certain amount of fat and calories. Fruit, while containing no fat, can be a high source of calories in your daily diet. So watch your calorie intake.

The good news is that while shakes do contain calories, they can act as a complete meal replacement and are chock full of essential vitamins, minerals and fibre.

We have listed some fabulous healthy shakes recipe ideas below. When it comes to purchasing fresh fruit for your shakes, the fruit that is in season in your area will always be the the most affordable option, so the healthy shakes recipes are only a guide. You add whatever combination of fruit you can purchase to suit your budget.

There are no rules as to what fruit goes with each other, but we do recommend not blending berries with pineapple as one normally negates the others taste. Apples or bananas are always good options with either berries or pineapple and they add extra energy and fibre to your diet.

Healthy Shakes Preparation

  • Always wash hands and fruit thoroughly before preparation
  • Core fruit of inedible seeds, but leave skin on where possible to give the shake more fibre content
  • You can use full cream milk but skim milk or soy milk tastes just as good and reduces the fat content making those shakes so much healthier.
  • Remember that fruit does contain calories, so use shakes as a meal replacement
  • Citrus fruits and pineapple tend to overpower the taste of other fruits. Refrain from using them together.

Healthy Shakes Recipes

  • Banana Smoothie
    Blend half a cup of cold milk or substitute with one apple, half a banana and 4 strawberries. Pour over ice and serve. Contains roughly 240 calories with full cream milk or soy. 190 calories when using skim milk.

  • Tropical Dream
    Blend 2 slices of pineapple, half a cup of milk, with 1 apple and one passion fruit. Serve over cracked ice. This is a refreshing healthy pick me up after a good workout. Calories: 210 with full cream milk or soy milk. 160 calories with skim milk.

  • Wild Berries
    Blend half a cup of milk with 4 strawberries, 1 cup of blueberries and 1 cup of cherries. Calories: 200 full cream milk. 160 calories skim or reduced fat milk. (Remember to take the pips from cherries prior to blending.)

  • Early Morning Dream
    Blend 200 grams (small tub) of natural yogurt with 1 apple, 1 cup of blueberries and 1 cup of grapes. This healthy shake is a perfect breakfast substitute and contains just 300 calories.

  • Orange Dawn
    Blend half a cup of skim milk with one orange, one apple and half a banana. The shake is so healthy you better be careful your don't jump out of your skin. Calories: 230.

  • Mango Magic
    Blend 200 grams natural yoghurt with 1 medium mango, 4 strawberries and 4 lychees. Mango Magic shake is for those moments when you want to totally indulge your taste buds in a healthy way. This is as good as chocolate. Calories: 340.

You probably can come up with some exciting healthy shakes & smoothies yourself. Be adventurous, as most fruit blends together well. Always leave the peel on apples and fruit that can be eaten raw, as this is a great source of fibre. It is the lack of fibre in western diets that is one of the causes of high colon cancer rates.

We have a comprehensive calorie counter for fruit on our website. The calories stated above in our healthy Shakes Recipes are to be used as a guide only. If you are watching your weight it is good to substitute full cream milk for the low fat or skim variety. The taste of your shakes will not be diminished whatsoever.

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