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Give dandruff the brush off forever with our simple home dandruff remedy treatments.

Dandruff can be very unsightly and embarrassing, especially if you wear darker clothes and suits. Sometimes dandruff can run a course and sometimes it can seem to stay forever. If you have particularly oily hair, dandruff can dog you all your life, but don't despair, help is at hand and it won't cost you a fortune for a simple home remedy fix.

Home Remedy Treatment for Dandruff

If you are a dandruff sufferer, take heart in knowing you certainly are not alone. Most people, at some stage in their lives, have had a battle with dandruff. Chances are it is something that you will always need to keep in check, so below we give you our best natural dandruff treatment that won't cost too much money and you can safely try at home.

Dandruff is simply dead skin cells, but some people have more shedding than others. Bad dandruff can also be a fungal disorder or an oily hair problem. Whatever the causes, dandruff can be embarrassing if left untreated.


Now this may seem a no brainer, but shampooing daily might cure your problem. If you use an anti dandruff shampoo and wash your hair daily, you will probably get the result you need within a few days. Daily washing of hair is one of the best natural cures you can do to stop dandruff in it's tracks.

Glass of apple cider vinegar.Vinegar:

Any of the varieties of vinegar are successful in treating dandruff. White vinegar, apple cider vinegar, or the red varieties all have had their own following of people who swear by them and extoll the virtues when home treating dandruff.

For the quicker method, pour the vinegar into a cup, having one quarter vinegar and top up with water. Pour onto your hair at the beginning of your shower. Massage in and rinse off when finishing your shower.

Vinegar is great on fungal infections and is a simple home remedy for dandruff. After a vinegar treatment your hair will shine and the dandruff will be gone for a while also. Treat more than once if necessary.

There are a lot of people who swear by apple cider vinegar as a cure for bad dandruff. Most say one wash with apple cider vinegar and the white flakes are gone. Mix with water, apply the apple cider vinegar solution to the hair and leave for an hour before rinsing off. Be warned, it does smell a bit, but it does work on most people.

Lemon or Lime:

Just a twist of lemon juice or lime juice added to the final rise can rid your scalp of those awful dandruff flakes and your hair will thank you for the lovely shine the juice gives. You will look better and feel so good that there are no more dandruff flakes on your shoulders. Notice also the last 2 tips have both been a low cost acidic treatment.

There are other home treatments such as Olive Oil, Listerine, Pine Tar, Pinetasol and Aloe Vera gel. If our solutions do not work on your scalp, try other methods and see you family doctor. It may be that you could have more serious skin conditions, such as psoriasis or seborrhea dermatitis.

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