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Home Remedy For Black Toe Nail

Black toe nails can be caused through dropping something heavy on the toe, ill fitting shoes or from a variety of sports such as running downhill and more commonly, snow skiing. In all cases the blacked toe nail is a direct result of bruising under toe nail causing a blood blister. Read how best to naturally treat black toe at home.

Home remedy for black toe nails

Black toe nail caused by something falling on unprotected toe. Blackened bruised toe nails are common and can be caused in a variety of ways. Athlete's are very susceptible to black toe nails, especially if there is a lot of downhill running or quick stopping involved which pushes the foot to the front of the running shoe. Winter skiers are at risk as the toes do hit the front of the ski boot and of course there are accidents that happen from time to time where something is dropped on the foot and squashes the toe.

When your toe nail turns black, the best thing you can do is to relieve the pressure underneath the nail as quickly as possible. You may even save the nail with quick preventative action. Here's a simple home remedy that may help relieve the pain and get you back on your feet so to speak.

Hot Needle
Heat up a needle or paper clip and push it through the blackened part of the toe nail. You will be amazed at how quickly the hot needle will go through the nail and there is little to no pain associated with this cure.

You will smell the burning protein similar to hair being burnt, which is what makes up our nails, and perhaps hear a sizzling noise. That's it, as soon as the hot needle is through you will feel a sharp prick under the toe nail which will cause you to instinctively pull the needle out and blood will be released.

Swab the toe nail with some antiseptic, kitchen disinfectant is good, and place a swab on the toe to avoid blood seeping from the toenail to smear all over the place.

How to prevent black toe nails
Prevention is always better than a cure. Poor fitting shoes are one of the major causes of black toe nails as is not trimming your toe nails.

If you are into running sports or snow skiing, make sure your nails are trimmed back as far as possible. This will stop the nail from bumping up on the front of your shoes or snow boots causing bruising. You may not feel the bump at all while you are exercising, skiing or playing your sport, but once you stop and take that shoe off, the pain will become apparent, so trim those nails everyday before you partake in your chosen activity.

Purchase shoes that are not too tight or too loose and have a nice broad toe box so the feet do not bump up against the front of the shoe. You should have about a half-inch of space between the end of your longest toe and the top of your shoe. To help prevent friction wear blister-free socks.

Getting your shoes or ski boots professionally fitting is also a huge benefit when purchasing or hiring footwear.

Accidents do happen and if you are working in an area where something may fall on your feet, purchase protective footwear. Your feet are just as important as any other limb, so treat them with the respect they deserve and take positive steps to protect them as much as you would any other part of your body.

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