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Home Remedy for Bruised or Black Eye

Sporting a black eye is somewhat embarrassing for many people, yet black eyes can be won in many more ways than being involved in a fight. While most bruising must run it's normal course and take it's time to heal, there are some important positive steps you can take at home as a natural remedy to help the black eye healing process.

If your eye has been badly bruised, consult your doctor to ensure there has been no damage to the eye.

Home Remedy for Black Eyes

Black Eye Image Run into a door lately and need a quick fix for a black eye? Perhaps it's a sports injury or other related accident you want to go away as quickly as possible. The good news is there are a several natural remedies you can do to help the healing along it's normal cycle and we discuss a few of these below.

Ice Packs

To help the healing put a cold pack on the black eye. Ice is a wonderful natural remedy of swelling and that's just the thing you need to help the healing process.

Grab a bag of frozen veggies from the freezer and apply that to the injury. Peas or beans are ideal as they are small and will take the contour of the face and fit snugly into the eye cavity giving better results. Wrap it in a cloth first and pop it back into the freezer when finished. Do this several times a day and this will help the swelling (if any) and the blackened eye to heal.

Ice packs works in two positive ways. It helps lower the swelling and constricts the blood vessels which helps lessen internal bleeding, which is what causes the black and blue skin color. Anything cold is great. A cold can of soft drink on the eye as soon as the injury occurs is so helpful to set the healing effect into motion.

Vitamin C

The medical fraternity knows the advantages of taking vitamin C for people who bruise easily and a black eye is no different. Once you have won that "shiner", eating foods rich in vitamin C such as broccoli, mangoes, oranges, pineapple and papaya will help the black eye heal quicker. Of course you can take a daily vitamin C supplement if eating those foods is not convenient.

Warm Compresses

One thing that helps with dispersing the bruising that gives the black eye such a horrible look is to place a clean cloth soaked in warm water over the injured eye. Each time the compress cools, place it under warm water, wring it out and place it on your eye again. Not only does this home remedy natural cure for black eye help disperse the blood, it also feels good.

Remember, ice or cold objects are the best natural remedies for black eyes, or any bruising that occurs to you body, and is easily applied and obtained. If swelling persists, make an appointment to see your doctor.

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