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Home Remedy to Relieve Minor Backache

You can treat minor backache at home but we should always be wary that if the backache is severe then professional advice should be sought. The spine is a complex arrangement of bones, muscles and nerves, so to avoid damage to this sensitive area, please seek professional care if pain is acute or persistent.

Treating backache at home is a fairly easy process and will relieve minor aches and pain of stiffness and general soreness.

Home Remedy for Backache

Image of  woman's backMinor backache can be caused by unusual bending or working long hours, standing or sitting in a fixed position or just being tired, fatigued or stressed.

You may have twisted unusually or worked back muscles that haven't been worked for awhile and are stiff and sore, this type of back ache can be relieved at home.

Be positive about the level of pain you are experiencing , think about the possible causes for the pain and take action to prevent it occurring in the future. For example, if you are experiencing back pain because you were bending down to carry out a task you rarely do, then next time look at ways to do the task easier, such as kneeling instead of bending from the waist.

Try picking up the object to a comfortable height or avoiding the task completely. Try to be objective how the back ache occurred and you can then control the situation in the future.

How to relieve back pain:

One of the best home remedies is rest. Yes, simply laying down flat on the bed with a pillow under your neck. Having a good nights sleep can rejuvenate a sore and troublesome back.

Ice packs applied to the sore area can be beneficial, especially if it is a sport related injury. Warm baths will also ease the tightness of a backache, as can a gentle massage from a loving friend.

If backache is stress related then I suggest a warm bath and a massage. This can work miracles to help forget what ever is stressing you out. A romantic dinner will do it the world of good also. (Men take careful note!)

Stretching back muscles by laying flat on your back and bringing both knees to the chest is an excellent exercise. This gently stretches the back muscles and makes the back stronger. Recommended as a regular exercise regime for anyone who experiences back aches from time to time.

Sprain or Strain:

Heat rubs or ice rubs are excellent and the gentle massage as someone else rubs it on you is a real bonus. The general rule here is if the pain is sprain related use cold packs. If the cause of the backache is strain related, use hot compresses or heat rubs such as Deep Heat.

  • Sprain use cold packs and ice
  • Strain use heat rays and heat rubs

Take your back seriously and if you have any doubt about the extent of your backache, see your doctor immediately.

Chiropractors do help, but make sure you choose a licensed practitioner as you could do more harm than good if an unqualified Chiropractor works on your body.

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