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Maintaining a healthy heart will give you a longer life. Eat sensibly, start regular light exercise and look forward to more years with your loved ones. You owe it to yourself, your partner, your children and grandchildren to live longer and stay on this earth as long as you can. Take positive health steps to get your heart healthy today. Don't wait for the warning signs before you get proactive, start today!

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Good eating and regular exercise can lead to a healthy heart, which in turn means living longer. Heart disease is a major killer of people of all ages and most of the time, what we put into our mouths is the main contributor to heart disease.

Let's take a look at some of the worst things we can give our hearts.

I know, most smokers know just what harm their habit is doing to them but they are hooked.

Smoking is the major cause of heart attacks, COPD, strokes and lung cancer people, it's time you really decided to quit. Try the way I stopped smoking and see if it works for you. What ever you do, you can give yourself a few extra years on this beautiful earth by giving the deadly smokes the flick.

Animal fats on meat and butter are not going to do your heart any favors, so stay well away from them. Trim your meats of excess fat and limit fast food. Avoid pastries, pies and biscuits. Look for alternatives to full-fat dairy products, butter and cream. This will help you lose weight and lower that bad cholesterol in your blood stream.

Good things for your heart

Do some gardening, walk up stairs instead of taking the lift or escalator, walk to the shops, join a group and enjoy the great outdoors, get your dog to take you for a walk. What ever exercise you choose it should leave you slightly breathless and you should aim at doing the exercise for a least 30 minutes a day.

walking dogs imageEat healthy without eating yukky:
Many think that eating healthy means everything will taste like... well you know, tasteless and bland. Not true, our healthy eating guide will give you some great foods that are good for your heart and taste good too. Did you know that chocolate is actually good for you ... but not too much at one time.

Visit your doctor regularly:
Most people don't go for a regular check up because they know already what the doctor will say. Usually it's things you don't want to hear, lose weight, give up such and such .... you get the picture!

Unless you have heart defects then all of the above will help you on the road to having a healthy heart, a longer life and to stay away from the doctor, unless something really goes wrong.

A regular visit to your doctor can actually help you stay positive, because if you are doing the right things your doctor will reinforce your good decisions and reward you with praise for making a difference to your heart.

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