Why are you fat? Overweight, reasons why you are overweight.

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Why are you fat? Being overweight is usually your own fault, but the good news is you can change that around and become slimmer and fitter, if you are honest with yourself. Lose weight by becoming positive with yourself and owning up to the real reasons why you are overweight.

Eat less and take regular exercise. Be honest and work toward undoing the damage that you, and only you, have caused. There are reasons why you are overweight, look for them and then eliminate the causes.


Why are you fat?

Don't stay fat forever. Have you ever really sat down and asked yourself why you are overweight, why you are not that slim person that you would really like to be?

I did a few months ago and the answers actually shocked me, so before you ask yourself why you are so fat, be prepared to hear some things you don't want to hear. Most of us don't even like to acknowledge we are fat and try to say we are only a bit overweight

Now let's be totally honest with ourselves, if your overweight you are fat. Some of us try to make excuses for ourselves by saying things like "it's a genetic problem", "all my family is overweight so I can't help but put on weight". I know my standard excuse was, "everytime I just open the fridge, I put on weight". Lot of blarney isn't it.

I got fat because I ate and ate and didn't exercise, simple as that. I can't blame my grandparents for giving me genes that make me fat, I can't blame the refrigerator for having food in there that makes me fat. I can only blame myself for putting so much food into my gut, it made me fat.

"My reason for being fat is probably the same as yours. I ate too much and didn't exercise."

Overweight man with bloated belly. Yes, I am to blame for being overweight. Me and me alone. Not McDonnell's or the local pizza shop, me. I am totally responsible for being fat. If you think it's a genetic problem go see your doctor and tell the doc to do a few tests so you can be sure you are telling yourself the truth. I think the doctor might tell you the real reason.

Now that I have owned up to being totally responsible for becoming overweight in the first place. I can start to work toward undoing the damage I have caused. Check out my blog and see how I am going. Make a comment and help me to never tell myself lies again.

If you want to lose weight, first ask yourself how you became overweight in the first place and be brutally honest. You may not like the answers, yet you need to hear them to begin your journey to a slimmer, fitter you.

Remember the formula for losing weight:
Less calories + more exercise = weight loss

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