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Most food packaging has a table of nutritional information, with some showing the energy amount as calories while others show the energy contained in the food as kilojoules. Use our online calculator to easily convert calories to kilojoules, kilojoules to calories. We have also developed an IPhone app so that you have this easy calculator handy at all times.

Calories to Kilojoules Converter

If you are counting calories as a weight loss program, or counting kilojoules, kj, there is nothing more frustrating that when the food you want to consume has the energy information in the opposite format. Find out how many kj in calories or how many calories in a kilojoule fast.

Use our easy online calculator converter, which can convert the amount of energy to the format of your choice in a flash. Just input the amount, press the go button and you have the answer immediately.

Convert Calories to Kilojoules KJ - Kilojoules to Calories with online calculator.

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Calories converted to kilojoules is: kj


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Kilojoules converted to calories is: cals

Get a Kj to Calorie calculator iPhone app. Available from iTunes now!

It is important to know how many calories your meals contain, therefore it is vitally important to know the amount of kilojoules to calories ratio on food labelling. Please offer this web page to your friends so they too can have the benefit of calories to kilojoules conversion.

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