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Chart of calories in Red and White table wines

Wine is said to be good for health and good for the heart, but like anything in life, too much of a good thing usually means that it will do you some harm. Wine contains no fats and a moderate amount of alcohol calories. Even a person on a diet can have one or two glasses of wine with a low calorie meal without ruining the diet.

Use the chart below to find how many calories in wine. The table does not differentiate between calories in red wine or white wine as total calories contained in either variety is very similar.

How Many Calories in Wine Chart

Average amount of wine calories chart. Represents calories in both red and white varieties and includes champagne, fortified wine and reduced alcoholic wines.

Please note that the normal wine glass holds 200ml full and the measures are taken on usual pouring such as 1/2 a glass or 3/4 glass full being the respective liquid amounts.

Wine glasses come in all sizes and a rough guide is that if you share a bottle of wine over dinner with a friend, then you would consume 280 calories. That's not bad, just 280 calories for half a bottle of wine.

Remember it is unwise to drink excessive amounts of alcohol and you should never drink and drive.

Having a glass of water between drinks is wise to slow the alcohol intake. Do not drink alcohol on an empty stomach and always look for low alcoholic alternatives.


Amount Calories Kilojoules Alcohol
100ml - 1/2 glass
120ml - 2/3 glass
150ml - 3/4 glass
1/2 bottle - 375ml
1 bottle - 750ml

How Many Calories in Wine table is intended as a guide only and is calculated in average amounts and is therefore not 100% accurate. Please check labels on individual bottles for exact amounts wine calories, especially where alcohol calories and alcohol content is concerned.

The alcohol amount will be shown on bottles but few may have how many calories wine contains on the label.

How many calories in red wine is same as how many calories in white wine, yet generally sweet wines will have more calories as will champagne and sparkling wines.

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