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Counting Calories is a great way to lose weight and control your eating habits. Use this handy widget to count the calories of your daily food intake.

Keeping calories down helps lose weight and this online calorie calculator makes it easy to add up what you eat during the day.


Calorie Control Calculator

Couning calories of food consumed does more than keep your daily calorie intake under the desired level. Counting calories educates you on just how many calories your favorite foods contain and that can lead to not only taking weight off, it will help to keep it off forever.

This handy online calorie calculator is so easy to use, it tells you how many calories your food contains then adds the calories together and displays the total at the top.

Here's how to use the calorie calculator. Select the meal time, add what you intend to eat and near the top the calculator keeps a daily total. Add breakfast, lunch and dinner all in the one operation.

If whatever you have eaten or intend to eat is not on the calorie counter, choose a similar product as the colorie count will be fairly close. Come back and use the calorie counter widget as often as you like.



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