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You Can Do It

I bumped into a young lad I know who looked incredible since the last time I saw him. He has lost over 20 kilos and has gone from a 5x shirt size down to a normal large. Fantastic.

Naturally enough he was very proud of his achievement and I invited him to make his own blog here with us, to share his thoughts and tell otheres how he achieved this remarkable result.

He said he would think about it and get back to me, he does run his own nusic website, plays guitar in a band and studies, so is a little pushed for time. He stated that there was no real secret behind his weight loss. He simply put less food into his belly, did not snack out after dinner and stopped eating junk food. No fizzy soda drinks unless it was the no sugar diet variety and tried to get a bit of exercise everyday..

One other recommendation he made was as soon as you feel full, stop eating. Doesn't matter how much is left on the plate, stop and leave it as soon as your belly is satisfied.

Now if a 17 year old lad can do it, you should be able to lose weight also. Let's hope he takes up the offer to make a blog on this site. We could learn a lot from a positive lad such as he is.


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