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Weight Plateau

For the third week in a row my weight today was spot on 77 kilos, so again this week there has been no weight loss. Perhaps I have plateau and need to keep doing what I have learnt over the past 6 months and believe it will happen.

Which of course is the only way to tackle the job of losing weight, you must believe that you will lose weight and I know that I can and know that by having lost 20 kilos so far.

Learning how to live and maintain weight is one of the main objectives. It is so sad to see people go on a weight loss diet and lose a considerable amount only to put it all back on again and sometimes more. I met an old friend the other day that had lost over 15 kilos the last time I saw her some 6 months ago. Unfortunately all the weight plus a little more was back on again.

My friend lost the weight following one of those milk shake type diets developed by a chemist. The problem with that type of diet is that you don't learn good eating habits so when you stop using their product, old eating habits return and so does the weight.

My friend became quite depressed when she saw how I had lost weight without a fad diet, while she had been there and put it all back on again. I tried to reassure her that as she was able to lose weight before, it is more than possible again if she counts calories and becomes aware of the food she eats. I also emphasized the benefits of regular exercise.

Counting calories and moderate exercise is a sure winning formula on a weight loss journey.


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