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Weight Loss Tip #2

High on my list of the most beneficial things you can do to lose weight is to get a "before" photo taken.

Why a before photo? Because you really need to know what you look like at your worst and you need to know how good you will start to look as the weight comes off. Most people who are overweight don't like looking in a shop window at their own reflection. When you get a photo of your self in swimming gear or underwear, if the frightening photo doesn't motivate you into action then you really don't have enough resolve to lose weight on your own.

I posted my "before" photo on this website. Believe me, I hate that photo because it shows how bad I allowed myself to look. I am not proud of it and that spurred me on to really be single minded about losing weight. I will never allow myself to look like that again. Of course you don't need to go public like I did, but you do need to see the person who you have become.

Another thing a before photo does is it makes a statement to yourself that you realize the need to lose weight. If you are too ashamed to let someone take your photo in your underwear, then you need all the help to lose weight you can get. Your self esteem needs it, your self image needs it. You need to want to be a different person than that big blob who is looking at you in the photo. Swallow your fears and get that shot.

If there is one single thing that can motivate you into sticking to a weight loss program, having a before photo stripped down to your underwear is high on the list. You don't have to look like that. It is your choice. Be proud of yourself, you want to look nice and you can. Organize your photo soon.


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