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Weight Loss Plateau

weightin-03-03-08This week's weigh-in has shown no weight loss at all. I really don't think it is a weight loss plateau that I am experiencing, more of being so close to my weight loss goal the harder it is to actually lose weight.

I can tell you that the way I feel is so good. I can actually run again without feeling like a jumbo elephant pounding along the pavement. My clothes are all one to two sizes too large. I really do feel twenty years younger. (Glad my brain hasn't gone back twenty years also.)

I now look for food which is low in calories yet high in nutrition. Salads, vegetables, chicken and fish are my favorite foods. I know this has to be a life style change and will keep this type of eating regime for the rest of my life, which probably has been extended with each kilo I have taken off.

So here is this week’s result:
Last weeks weight - 77.75 kilos or 171 lbs
This week 77.75 kilos or 171 lbs
No Loss. No Gain.
Weight loss to date 19.95 kilos - 43.89 lbs


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