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Weight Down Health Up

It was time for a visit to the doctor yesterday for a prescription for cholesterol medication. I was looking forward to the visit as I always get a mini checkup and wanted to know how I was progressing.

Firstlly, my blood pressure has improved and was 125/70. Excellent! Reflexes are good, weight is down from 88 kilos at last visit to 80 kilos. Eyes, ears and throat all okay.

The doctor said that I am coming along fine and while I am not scheduled for another blood test for a couple of months yet to see what the cholesterol levels are at, he feels sure that they will be good because all the body signs are great.

Looks like I will be around on this earth for awhile yet. I like counting calories. I feel so good and am starting to like what I see in the mirror also, which has been a ghastly sight for so long.


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