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Weigh in 29-10-07

weighin-29-10.jpgThis week I lost 1 kilo. Today I weight 86 kilos or 189 pounds. I like it. :-)

I really haven't exercised as much as I normally do this week. Apart from playing golf twice, I didn't go on any long walks for various reasons and look forward to getting back on the track for this week. I did go to the beach Saturday, walked the length, climbed a steep hill to a lookout and walked back to the car, but I was taking photos so didn't actually notice the walk at all. Even going up to the lookout was easy and I wasn't puffing at the top, so don't count it as exercise as such.

The main thing is, I kept counting those calories and kept them around 1500 per day, which makes me lose weight.

It is amazing how good I feel. Everyday I seem to be able to do something with ease that required effort just a month or two ago. Tying my shoelaces, stepping into pants, walking up stairs, all have become so easy. Just little things, even getting in and out of a chair is that much easier.

I certainly will hit my mini goal of being below 85 kilos by the first of December and my overall goal of 75 kilos by June next year is certainly reachable earlier than that. I almost need to go and buy some new clothes as my pants are getting a bit baggy. I just might wait until another few kilos are gone yet as I won't want them for long. I will lose more weight yet.

Just some thoughts:
I don't miss sweet things anymore, in fact I see them as terrible things to eat. There is no way would I be tempted to have sweets, chocolates or soda drinks that are not sugar free.

The more vegetables and salad I eat, the better they taste. I know that I am eating them for my health. By losing weight I am becoming healthier and putting less risk into having a stroke, heart attack or getting diabetes.

Losing weight is the best thing I can ever do for myself. Not losing weight was the most selfish thing, because if I died early, it would be the people that love me that I would hurt. Would your parents, partner or children miss you if you die before your time? If you are obese, your chances of dying young are high.

How are you going? Have you done anything towards becoming a new, slimmer and sexier person yet? It's really all in the mind. If you make your mind up to lose weight, you can.

There is an old saying:
If you think you can, you’re right. If you think you can't, you’re right.

Think positive, think you can, and look forward to losing kilos. You can do it if you set your mind.


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