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Weigh in 19-11-07

weighin scales 19-11-07Today’s weigh-in was something I wasn't really expecting yet something that will happen from time to time when on a weight loss program.

I didn't lose any weight this week, yet didn't do anything different from other weeks, perhaps exercising more if anything.

Now I am not unhappy that this has happened. Why? Because it is something that all the experts say will occur from time to time and I have been losing weight faster than what I was planning. To stay the same for a week in a way is a good sign as it shows my body is getting used to what is happening. Now I can push onward to reaching that magical goal I have set.

Remembering that my mini goal was to be below 85 kilos by the 1st December, being 84 kilos a few weeks early is fantastic. Now perhaps I need to zig zag my eating patterns and trick the metabolism and get it racing again. I Can't wait to see the results next week.


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