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Week Five Weigh In

Another weigh in day and I only lost .2 of a kilo for the week. Certainly not my best result, but after losing a full kilo last week I suppose it is an acceptable amount. On the positive side, it is still a weight loss, not a gain, so I am still moving in the right direction.

To be totally honest, I didn't exercise as much this last week as I have previously. It rained on my usual golf days, so that didn't occur, and my walks were fewer also. Plus I did go out for dinner twice and a breakfast meeting once where I didn't count calories. What this does prove though is by eating sensibly for most of the time, weight loss is still possible.

Well this week I will be back on track, the weather has cleared and there are no social gatherings on this weeks calendar. Looking forward to the next weigh in day.

Todays Weight = 92.3 kilos or 203.06 pounds
Starting weight was 97.2 kilos
Total weight loss to date = 4.9 kilos or 10.78 pounds


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