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Walking to Lose Weight

It was a lovely morning for a walk. We were up early and looking forward to the exercise and the fresh ocean air. We live in one of the world's most beautiful tropical places which many feel is a half a step away from paradise. Mackay, Queensland, Australia is indeed very special.

walking.jpgThe walk we take is about 30 minutes one way and 30 minutes return. It follows the road across the breakwater constructed to form the Mackay Marina. You can imgine the walk, the ocean on one side of the road and the marina on the other. Absolutely beautiful.

Quite often we see marine life and will take a camera with us always, just in case something pops it's head above water. We quite often see a turtle and hope we can get a picture one day to show.

Walking for at least 30 minutes a day is regarded as a great form of exercise and burns off around 100 to 150 calories, depending on your weight. So I burn around 300 calories which is about what I consume for lunch each day. That's a great way to burn calories and lose weight. As I become fitter I will walk faster which will burn more calories.

I have been watching what I eat and keeping food consumption down to under 1500 calories per day since I got back from holidays. I actually put weight on during the holiday, 3 kilos, so have to work it all off and more. My weight the other day was down to 97.2 kilos. I will weigh in again in 3 days.

I have been eating healthy, fish and salads, which will also help my cholesterol problem. That's enough for today, see you again tomorrow.


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