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Walking is good

On my walk this morning I noticed many young people doing what some of us need to do. These young people don't seem to need to exercise to lose weight, they just seem to be out enjoying the morning sun and being active.

Perhaps they walk for fitness reasons or to make sure they maintain good weight figures, whatever reason it was great to see them out and about, enjoying one anothers company and having a good time.

And it is great to go exercising with somebody else. My usual walking partner didn't make it today as she hurt her knee last week and slightly twisted it again yeasterday. I certainly missed the company and the banter we usually keep up during our walk.

Yet you can enjoy exercising by yourself by noticing things you usually walk past without noticing. Perhaps because we talk so much we miss the finer things such as how much others seem to enjoy their walks. Not only that, little things like the striking colors of flowers, how the wind was blowing in the trees and the sun reflecting off windows, all were striking this morning.

There is certainly more to walking than putting one foot in front of the other.


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