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Still Losing Weight

I mentioned a young fellow who had lost over 20 kilos a few weeks back and how he not only looks great, his whole outlook is glowing with a renewed self confidence. Well, he is continuing with his self made style of weight loss program and has lost another 5 kilos. Well done.

For him it's not so much as counting calories as I do, it is stopping eating as soon as his belly feels satisfied. Notice I didn't say he stopped when his belly was full, he stops eating as soon as his belly is satisfied, which is a little before the belly is full.

He said that sometimes he craves for those greasy chips or fries but allows himself one take-away meal a week to satisfy the cravings. The main thing that he sticks to is not over eating anytime, be it something he really likes to eat or something that he eats because it's good for him.

I think that losing 25 kilos, which is over 50 pounds on the imperial scale, is a darn great effort and shows us all that if we apply a few simple lifestyle changes, we can do it too.


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