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Steamed food

Tefal steamerWe purchased an electric steamer so that we can cook our food a little more healthier and I am quite surprised with the way that food cooked this way tastes.

First night we cooked a boned rolled chicken, which was seasoned with herbs and added potatoes, carrots and green vegetables. Normally you would roast or bake a chicken roll and cook it in fat with roast potatoes, etc. Doing it in the steamer, it cooked just as good as a roast without the added calories of the fat. And it tasted just like a roast dinner. This probably saved about 200 calories just steaming everything. A good saving without sacrificing the taste.

I am starting to like the way we are taking our food. Thinking how many calories are in a certain food certainly keeps you away from the junk food.

The night before we were a little rushed for time and decided to get some fast food. We headed straight for Subway instead of McDonalds or some other fatty food place. Grabbed a sub and drove to the beach to eat it before heading for home. It was delicious, low in calories and the ocean looked beautiful just on sundown. The great part is that we can live a fairly normal lifestyle yet still maintain a healthy eating regime. Fast food doesn't have to mean junk food.


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