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Small Steps Are Great

weigh in-04-02-08
Just 1/2 pound loss this week but as there is only 4.25 kilos to go to achieve my original goal weight of 75 kilos, small losses are really good. That goal seemed so far away when I first started attempting to lose weight, now I can smell it it's so close.

So how does it feel to see the light at the end of the tunnel? Fantastic! I may even reset the target once I am there and shoot for lower numbers, but right now, hitting that goal is the main focus.

It was teeming down rain this morning, so I didn't go for my walk and really missed it. We had about an inch of rain overnight which is great for the country but bad for exercise.

Last week I stepped the exercise up a notch, walking about an extra 5 minutes and running the last 100 yards up a slight hill. Now I haven't ran for a long time and I am enjoying that so much I will slowly increase the jogging into the walking regime until I can jog for at least 500 yards.

To be truthful, losing weight has become easier that I thought it would be. Once I trained my belly to accept a smaller amount of food, kept the exercise going through the sore muscles stage, the weight has been continually falling off. I look great and feel so much healthier.


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