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Seventh Week Weigh Day

Another half kilo weight loss I am really starting to like Monday mornings. Monday is the day I step on the scales and see how I have fared with the weight loss for the week. There's something about doing it on a Monday morning as so many people don't like Mondays. Wonder if it is the thought of going back to work or perhaps it's being tired after an enjoyable weekend.

Okay, enough of the small talk, let's get down to what this blog is all about, did I lose weight this week by keeping those calories down around 1500 per day!

Yes, I have another loss of half a kilo or one pound. I am very satisfied with that result and am spot on target to reach my goal of being under 90 kilos by the first of October. Just a half kilo to lose this week and I know I can do that easily. Don't forget to check in this time next week to see if I actually hit my first goal or not. My overall goal is to be 75 kilos by the end of June next year.

Just to recap what I am doing to lose weight again:

Keep total calories consumed per day to around 1500 or less.
Eat at least 2 serves of fish per week for the benefit of Omega 3 fatty acids
Eat plenty of fresh green salads and steamed vegetables
Do not drink sugar filled drinks such as coca-cola
Do not eat biscuits, pastries, chocolate or potato chips

Starting Weight: 97.2 Kilograms - 213.8 lbs
Today’s Weight: 90.5 kilos - 199.10 lbs

Total weight lost 6.7 kilos - 14.74 lbs

Late last week I received high praise from my wife for what I have achieved so far. I was filling the car with petrol and caught her looking me up and down like she used to some 20 years ago. I mentioned that I had sprung her looking and she actually got embarrassed and admitted that, yes, she liked what she was seeing. Now that’s real motivation to continue with the weight loss program. If a few kilos off can turn her on, imagine what another 10 kilos off will do.


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