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Role Models

We all need role models, no matter who we are or how old we are. Using a role model as an example of what we want to achieve, can help us keep a focus on the road ahead.

When we are losing weight, a role model will help us stick to the path and not succumb to the many temptations along the way. We can use a photo of someone we would like to look like at the end of our journey, a story from a magazine or the television or someone we know personally who has lost a lot of weight or is on a weight loss program.

I like the "Biggest Loser" television show. While I believe they lose weight a little too quickly, it is a good motivator in that you can actually see them working hard and getting their weight under control. And there is a word in that sentence that holds the key to all our weight problems, "control"

We need to learn to control our desires. Just like the contestants on the biggest loser, it is entirely up to us to control what we eat, the amount we eat and the amount of exercise we are prepared to do. While they have personal trainers to push them harder each day, we only have ourselves to keep us motivated, so we need to use everything available to us to keep on the path of becoming healthier, slimmer people.

Get yourself a role model and try to emulate their success in your daily life. You can do it!


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