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Positive Results

weighin-12-11-07Another Monday rolls in and another kilo has been lost. At this mornings weigh-in, the scales show 84 kilos or 185 pounds. It seems that though my goal was to lose just half a kilo per week, watching the calorie intake allows you to lose more. This is wonderful.

Last Saturday I went to a local beach to take a few photos. I wanted one of people walking along the beach exercising for the index page of this website. (I managed to get one of a young couple walking their dogs which I will post today.)

After wandering around the beach for over an hour it was time for my partner and myself to pack up and head back to the car. Anyone who has walked up a fairly steep sand dune will know that it can be a bit tiring. As we reached the top of the dune my partner asked to stop to catch her breath and I noticed I wasn't even puffing. Just a few months ago I would have been almost collapsing.

Those 13 kilos that I have lost really was a large burden. Imagine carrying 13 kilos of potatoes up a sand dune, because that's exactly what I was doing those few months ago. I have no doubt that if I had not given up smoking and then decided to lose weight that there would be a coffin being made for me earlier that I would like. Now I feel as though I can live to 100.

Imagine how I will feel when I lose another 10 kilos. Have you started on your own journey yet?


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