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Positive News

Today was weigh in day again and I am so glad to say that I have lost weight again this week. Todays weight is 94.4 kilos or 207.6 lbs. Down from last weeks weight of 95.2 kilos.

Weight loss for the week is .8 of a kilo or 1.76 pounds. I would have liked to see a full kilo but that's a loss and that's what I want to see, a gradual loss.

While there is a long way to go to get to my goal of 75 kilos, I am on the right track. Eating healthy does lose weight and I am actually enjoying the food I eat.

I also visited my doctor this morning to get a few sunspots checked. He froze 6 sunspots off which won't turn into skin cancers now. I mention the doctors visit because my blood pressure has improved from the last visit. Now that's a direct result of weight loss plus exercise.

This week I am going to reinforce the healthy eating program and looking forward to trying different foods with low calories and low fat content. It is exciting actually to read the nutritional value of food and to look up on the internet just what benefits that food gives to your overall health.

I feel good, I hope you do also.


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