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One Year On

It's been roughly a year since starting this blog and making a statement that I would lose weight. This time last year I had come home from a holiday and was totally disgusted with myself for being so obese.

I have just returned from our yearly holiday to see friends and family some 2000 kilometers away, and this time I am proud of the weight that I am carying.

I did put on 2 kilos while away but believe me, this really is nothing on the scale of things and will be shed in no time at all now we are back and doing the things that we have learned. It really has been a learning adventure this past year and it really is something we can stay with for the rest of our lives.

There were many temptations while on holiday and to be honest, we did take those temptations quite often. Our families are excellent cooks and we tasted all their favorite foods. We were also lucky enough to stay in fine hotels at times where 3 course meals were provided. Yes we didn't watch the calories but always made sure we kept active, walking, skiing and doing our best to keep fit.

I was amazed on our return flight when my carry on bag was weighed and I was told that as it weighed 7 kilos it was too heavy to place in the overhead lockers on the plane. This time last year I caried 3 of those bags as excess weight around my body. That's exactly how much weight I lost. 21 kilos or 3 carry bags full.

It feels good to be slim and even better to feel healthy. This will be a life style that I will stick to for the rest of my life, which incidentally will be a little longer now that I am no longer obese.


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