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Next Weigh In

I am really looking forward to the next weigh in day as I feel like I have lost a fair bit of weight since last week. I have to pull the belt in another notch to stop my pants from falling down and the pants are looking baggy around my bottom.

Counting calories is really an easy way to lose weight. I really haven't done much different than normal except keep a check on how many calories I have consumed. With a bit of forward planning, thinking about what I eat in advance, it is quite simple to stick to the 1500 calories per day limit that I have set.

Exercise has still been moderate. I am really enjoying making my hobby of photography into an exercise routine and getting great shots while moving the body. You can view some of the photographs here on Flickr. Hopefully the cholesterol levels will benefit from the change in diet and extra exercise also.

The next blog post will be weigh in day tomorrow so I have the fingers crossed for a good result. It's been a great week for me. I have seen whales, the photos are improving in quality and I reckon I have lost a fair bit of weight.

How have you been going?


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