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New Outfits

I went shopping with my wife yesterday because her clothes were getting too baggy. She was all excited, yet didn't want to buy too many clothes because she knows that there is more weight to come off yet.

I loved the way she tackled the clothes shopping. She would try something on and come out of the fitting room flushed with satisfaction that she was fitting into clothes a full 2 sizes down from when she last went clothes shopping. And I must say that she is looking fantastic.

I asked her how she feels and the answer surprised me somewhat. I thought I would get the reply about how good it is and how great it feels to be fitting into clothes that much smaller. She answered that she felt somewhat disappointed in herself for allowing so much weight to go on. She said that she must have really forgot that looking good means feeling good about yourself. And if you really felt good about yourself, you would never allow yourself to get so fat and lazy in the first place.

She has a good point there. For many men and women, we allow ourselves to put on weight because we don't think about the consequences of our lifestyle choices. We make excuses that we are busy, the kids come first, oh you know... you probably have made a few excuses that I won't even think of. We eat the wrong things, too much of everything and get lazy.

The big thing is, if we really cared about ourselves and those that love us, we would never allow ourselves to look so fat and ugly in the first place. (I am speaking for myself here!) We owe it to our partners, our children, our family, to look as good as we can. I don't want my children to be embarrassed being out in public with me. I don't want to be known as the short fat man who is so and so's father. I know my children and my wife love me, but I want them to be proud to be with me in public.

First you should lose weight for yourself. This selfish act can give your loved ones so much enjoyment also.


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