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I love walking around the Goose Ponds area, both for exercise and to take photos of the geese, ducks and lake. It's an absolutely beautiful area but have found it certainly is not user friendly. If you go to the park near dusk you are eaten alive by mosquitoes and at other times by sand flies.

I tried walking faster in the hope that the biting bugs might not be as quick as I am, but alas that didn't quite work for me. I bought a can of aerosol spray but that seemed to keep the mossies away but not the sand flies and they bite worse that the mossies.

So I went online and found a few natural remedies to combat mosquito bites and have put up a page about natural remedies to cure mossie bites. Hope they help others as some certainly have worked for me.

Steamed chicken kebabs and vegetablesWe continue to eat healthy and tonight had a delicious dinner of Honey Chicken Kebabs and steamed vegetables with home made garlic and chives finishing sauce. It was only 450 calories all up and really filling. Keeping calories down is great and is now so easy to do being in the 4th week of our weight loss program. I am perfectly on track to reach my goals and have actually set a mini goal of being under 90 kilos by the 1st of October. Thats 2.5 kilos to lose in the next 3 weeks so I know I can reach that goal.

Funny how steamed vegetables taste so good where once I would shudder at the thought of eating them. Most of it was in my mind. What's in yours? Do you like steamed veggies?


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