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I Can't Believe it's Friday

Wow, this week seems to have flown since I made the last entry to the blog on Monday. Here it is Friday already and the weekend is looming large.

I have kept busy this week and think I could be on the verge of a big weight loss figure at the next weigh in. I feel so good and even like to see that reflection in the shops windows when I go out. I hated it once; it seemed that I was looking at someone else.

Short, fat and ugly, that was the person who was in the mirror. I'll never be tall or handsome either for that matter, but I can do something about the fat part, so goodbye to that forever, I am learning to control my weight and will now make that a lifetime commitment.

It's a choice we all make. Do we want to live a better, healthier life or go around hating who we see looking back at us in the shop windows? I have made a choice that the short, fat, ugly person looking at me is going to be gone forever.


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