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Heart milk

One of the places that I can cut down on calories is the milk I put into my coffee and tea. I have around 6 cups per day, so the calories add up if I use full cream milk. Full cream milk contains around 65 calories per 100 mls, which is roughly the amount which goes into my large coffee mug. That’s almost 400 calories a day consumed just in coffee and tea. I need to lower those calories.

Milk that's good for your heartWhile searching the cooler at the supermarket, looking for a light milk that tastes as good as full cream milk, I discovered Heart Active Milk. Heart Active Milk contains plant sterols, which according to research, lowers cholesterol.

Now thinking how I can naturally lower my cholesterol level without giving up too much of my lifestyle, this seems to fit perfectly into my eating habits. I love my coffee breaks during the day and Heart Active Milk contains little fat, 40 calories per 100 mls, plus the added benefit of the cholesterol lowering plant sterols. Sounds good, but does it taste good too?

Well why not give it a try, so into the basket it went and at home I was pleasantly surprised that there is little taste difference to full cream milk. Another benefit that this Heart Active Milk contains is high calcium, so it's not only good for men, women will find it a useful product also.

Now let’s recap: Heart Active Milk contains;
45 Calories per 100 mls
0.32 grams plant sterols
123 mg calcium

By using Heart Active milk in my coffee, I can lower my calorie intake by roughly 150 calories per day plus lower my cholesterol, according to their guidelines, by 15 % over a 3 week period. I'm sold.

Perhaps this could be a good choice for you also, just remember to check with your doctor to make sure it's a good product for you, but it certainly seems a good substitute for full cream milk to cut down on those calories without hurting taste.


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