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Healthy music

Do you like music? I love music of all types, even the stuff that my son plays is nice to listen to most times, yet sometimes it can grate on the nerves when it's a little too loud.

It's great to know that for the main part, music is really good for your health. Music can relax you, relieve stress and have a positive effect on your emotions. Sometimes you might like a jazzy upbeat type of music and other times slow and meaningful music.

Electric Guitar

Dancing to your favorite music is a wonderful form of exercise, even if your partner is a broomstick. Think of the calories you burn to 2 or 3 rock and roll numbers, or the ecstasy of dancing to a slow romantic number can benefit your breathing. Yes music can really boost your health.

Have you ever gone for a walk in a forest, sat down quietly and listened to the sounds of nature. There is no better music to the ears than to hear birds singing, a stream gently rippling through the country side or the waves of the ocean crashing against the shore.

Even shouting at your kids to turn their blaring music down is good for your lungs and gets the adrenalin flowing, so remember when ever you hear music, it is one of natures natural medicines.


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