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Good Food Good Exercise

Firstly, this week’s weight is the same as last week. No loss and no gain, but man I am feeling goooood. It is a little frustrating being just half a kilo away from my overall goal weight, but hey, next week will be just as good.

What I would like to talk about this week is what good food is and what good exercise is.

During the week it was pointed out to me that there really is no secret to losing weight. Everybody who is overweight knows exactly how that weight got there; they either over ate or ate the wrong things, probably a combination of both. Bit like a smoker, they know it's like taking a spoonful of poison, but they keep smoking anyway.

The person who is obese knows the foods that are no good for them but they keep shoveling it in their mouth anyway. I know I did and that is why I had to re-educate myself about what is good food and what is good exercise.

Good food is fresh vegetables and the greener the better. Make salads and steamed vegetables the main thing that goes on your plate with chicken and fish as accompanies. If you think it’s yuck then have a good look in the mirror. Bet it wasn’t vegetables that gave you that fat gut or big behind. If you have red meat, ensure the fat has been trimmed and it will be good for you because red meat full of iron. Just make sure you have a portion size. 100 grams is the ideal portion size which is about the size of a woman’s hand.

Now we all know that chips are made from potatoes, but when fried in fatty oil they don't count as vegetables, okay! So don't even try going down that road!

Good exercise is walking. If walking is an effort, which it is when you are overweight and haven't exercised for some time, start with just 15 minutes a day and build up from there. Regularity is the key. No good walking 3 times this week and then skipping all together next week. Make it an everyday part of your life. No excuses just get off your butt and start walking.

(Walking to the cupboard to get another bag of chips doesn't count either.)

It probably took you years to get to the weight that you are now, so it may take awhile to get down to your goal weight, if you throw away the bad food that is making you fat, and you know what it is, and start eating good food, plus do some regular walking, there's one thing I can say that makes it all worthwhile and that is you will feel better and be able to do things so much easier.

Sometimes you just need to take a look in the mirror and think what you will be like a year from now if you don't start eating better and getting some exercise. It's a pretty frightening thought really. What would you be like this time next year if you put on another 10 kilos? Could you go shopping without being completely tired out? It would be terrible to end up like some obese people do and not even get out of bed, so come on and make a start today to really become the person you would like to be. It can be done, but you are the only one who can decide to do it!


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