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Getting Closer To Goal Weight

Very happy with this weeks result where the scale shows a weight loss of 0.75 kilo which is 1.65 pounds. A very pleasing result for the week and this now gives me an overall weight loss of 20 kilos or 44 pounds.

Now I am only 2 kilos from my goal weight of 75 kilos. Not far to go now!

During the week I used a weight calculator on the Biggest Loser website and for my weight and height I am still classified as being overweight. I have to get under that 75 kilo goal to be classed as normal.

The calculator tool is very handy but it does show some strange findings such as my normal range would be from 55 kilos to 75 kilos. Now I can imagine how anorexic looking I would be at 55 kilos. At least I am off the "obese" scale and getting close to becoming "normal" again.

Now I can really work hard to reach that goal soon.


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