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First Weigh In Day

I decided to make every Monday morning weigh in day to see the progress of my weight loss program. So here it is ...

Todays wieght is 95.2 kilos or 209 lbs. My starting weight was 97.2 kilos.

This is a weight loss of 2 kilos or 4.4 lbs since starting on my program. Great start and I am certainly happy by the result. Wooooo Hoooooo. Okay so it's only two kilos, but remember a journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.

I am also happy that I decided to go with the program that I am doing as if a person goes to Jenny Craig, or takes diet drinks, etc, one day they have to rejoin the real world and eat normally and that is when they usually put all the weight back on. I am learning to watch what I eat and consider the calories in food before I put it into my mouth, so am totally aware what is going in.

Television series such as the Biggest Loser tackles weight loss in the same manner, teaching contestants to count calories and exercising hard to burn more calories than they comsume. I consider that their program a bit drastic, in that their weight loss is very quick and could be harmful to health.

Gradual weight loss over a longer period is ideal and is flexible so that a person can go out for dinner sometimes and eat without counting the calories, but working hard during the week to compensate for the added calories.

This week I have kept calories to a maximum 1500 per day, which is around ideal for gradual weight loss when combined with moderate exercise. I have included chicken and fish into the diet and will continue to eat sensibly, staying away from fatty fried food in particular.

It feels good to lose those 2 kilos. I have taken the first step toward meeting my goal of losing 20 kilos over 12 months. Now to lose another kilo during this week.


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