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Fantastic Monday

weigh in 21-01-08Today's weigh-in was a very pleasing result. I hit 80 kilos and now have just 5 kilos to go to reach that goal I made when starting on the weight loss program. As you can see on the scale image, I could be just a tick under that 80 kilo mark, but won't claim it as such yet and will wait until next week to ensure I am not jumping the gun.

Whatever weight I choose to select, 80 kilos or below, it doesn't matter really because the main thing it is going in the right direction. down.

I can't wait to take that after photo because there is such a difference in body shape. My clothes feel so good, in fact some are now just too big to wear anymore. I am exercising and enjoying it and doing things, such as pushups, that I couldn't do just 6 months ago.

Some of the biggest differences I have noticed is the ease that I can now tie up my show laces and cutting my toe nails. Both of those things were a real problem to do as my belly got in the way and I couldn't bend over far enough. Now it's easy to get down and reach them.

Another 5 kilos. It's not a lot and it's so close I can feel it.


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